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Our Story

Pedro, Poncho and Pals is a small wellness farm run by husband and wife team Ric and Angela, who took on the care of donkeys Pedro and Poncho in 2020 when they were put up for re-homing. A whirlwind of two further rescue donkeys then alpacas and sheep saw Pedro, Poncho and Pals became a community interest company providing hands-on public visits, children’s farm clubs, well-being visits, one-to-one and small group provision for adults, young people and organisations.


Angela’s background is as a teacher, but with a passion for all things farming since childhood. Ric works as a civil servant for a bereavement service and has recently taken partial retirement to look after the increasing number of animals on the farm. When life offered them donkeys, there was only one thing to do: go with it and let the adventure begin! 


Within weeks of owning the donkeys, Angela and Ric were contacted about Andy who had terminal cancer and wanted to hug a donkey as part of his bucket list.  The emotional, yet incredibly positive impact Andy’s visit had prompted Angela to take a Diploma in Animal Assisted Therapy. It had become obvious just from that one encounter that the donkeys had to be shared and not just kept as pets. Moving to Bredgar from their original site on the Isle of Sheppey, Ric and Angela’s passion for looking after donkeys led to with arrival of the ‘fronkeys’ i.e. the French rescue donkeys, Pablo and Le Petit Pip.  


The farm increasingly provides quiet time for adults who are struggling with any aspect of physical, mental or social health.  Angela has a passion for working with anyone, young person or adult, who is dealing with anxiety, depression, isolation or low self-esteem.


The focus on the farm is always the well-being of the animals and Ric, Angela and the team offer exclusive-to-you experiences as they recognise the value of a calm, quiet, inclusive environment.  It’s true that on occasion a family turns up and asks ‘Where’s everyone else?’ not realising their visit is exclusive. Clubs and group numbers are kept to a minimum so everyone can have a meaningful experience and time to bond with the animals. and enjoy helping to look after them. The farm is for everyone and Ric and Angela are happy to talk to you about the best kind of booking for you.

Pedro, Poncho and Pals Wellness Farm Sittingbourne Kent
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