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Sponsor A Donkey in Kent

Pedro, Poncho & Pals

We offer sponsorship packages for each of our donkey boys: Pedro, Poncho, Pablo and Le Petit Pip.

Many of our visitors tell us they sponsor a donkey in Sidmouth through The Donkey Sanctuary - but not everyone can visit Devon, which gave us the idea to offer donkey sponsorship local to Kent, or if you are not local we would be delighted to send you video clips of your donkey.

Donkey sponsorship makes a wonderful gift or a thoughtful treat for yourself; your support enables us to care for the donkeys on a daily and seasonal basis and it gives you the opportunity to visit, bond with and spoil your donkey!  If you cannot personally visit then we would be happy to send you video clips and photos of your chosen donkey. Sponsors local and afar are welcomed.

What do you get? For £40 for a year you will receive:

* A double-sided photo of your donkey
* An emailed fact file all about your donkey
* A welcome gift e.g. a cuddly donkey, an adult or child donkey colouring book
* A birthday card from your donkey 
* A warm welcome from us and lots of cuddle time from your donkey

How does it work?

When you sponsor one of our donkeys, contact us by email to book your first visit.  This is when you can pick up your welcome pack (photo and small gift). If you are not local we can post your gift at cost. We encourage you to come and get to know your chosen donkey and we will always try and accommodate your preferred day and time; please understand on occasion we may have to offer alternative visiting times due to staffing, the weather or animal health. 

Who can you sponsor?

We have four rehomed or rescued donkeys....

Meet our Donkeys

Pedro, Poncho and Pals Sittingbourne Kent


The oldest of the young boys yet joint smallest.

Rehomed to us with his brother Poncho.  Pedro is intelligent, independent and thoughtful - our little brown donkey!

June birthday.

Pedro, Poncho and Pals Sittingbourne Kent


One of our two French rescue donkeys (Fronkey Donkeys), our largest donkey with spectacularly long ears and long legs. Pablo is nervous, elegant and loving.

January birthday.

Pedro, Poncho and Pals Sittingbourne Kent


Our cheekiest donkey, a

chunky-donk who is very handsome and highly photogenic. 

Poncho loves food, cuddles and photo-bombing - our little grey donkey diva!

November birthday.

Pedro, Poncho and Pals Sittingbourne Kent

Le Petit Pip

Our youngest donkey and the loudest! Pip is very cute, loves a fuss and being the youngest, he needs some extra cuddles. Rescued from France, this Fronkey is a true heart stealer.

March birthday.

Pedro, Poncho & Pals
Pedro, Poncho & Pals
Pedro, Poncho & Pals
Pedro, Poncho & Pals
Pedro, Poncho & Pals
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